Visual Minecraft Hacking On Raspberry Pi – Level 1

We are going to build in Minecraft but using code not mouse clicks

In less than 15 minutes using the FREE Minecraft Pi Edition and the super cheap Raspberry Pi computer and Waterbear you WILL be able to :-

  • Send messages
  • Work out where Steve is and what he is standing on
  • Test IF something is true
  • Teleport Steve into the sky and watch him drop!

The learning materials here will updated with improvements from our last session, check for updates each time you lead this session.

Say Hi

  • in the ‘Game’ section on the left there is a ‘Say hi in chat’ box.
  • drag that into the middle
  • hit ‘Run’ (Top left on screen)

Work out where Steve is and what he is standing on?

  • Steve is the “Player” character
  • use “Get Player Tile Position”


IF Steve is on Grass THEN Teleport Steve into the sky and watch him drop!

  • “Create Position from (Player Position) offset by”
  • Change the y  in that offset to 50
  • Get “Move Player to” and get rid of the 0,0,0 position and drag the newly created Position in to the empty socket
  • run it

Change the “Block” Steve is standing on



And then go on to…..


A Tower

  • Use set Make a tall tower just to the side of where you are

Make a swimming pool

  • Create 2 new “Position”s offset from the  Player Position
  • one at x -5 , y 0, z -5
  • another at x 5, y -2, z 5
  • Set Blocks between those 2 positions to water


  • make Big bits of Air under the ground



yellow brick roads or anything else!


Try the sprites and the


Minecraft Pi Edition Hints

  • A,W,S,D to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • left click to Mine
  • right click to build
  • mouse wheel to change what you will build with
  • E for inventory
  • A,W,S,D works in inventory, enter to choose (The mouse will not work properly in on this screen in full screen mode)
  • In maximised window mouse doesn’t go down to the bottom causing issues connecting games together, you need to restore the window and re-maximise after connection.
  • Nothing explodes or is active (no Redstone) but this hacking stuff can be done on the full version if you can setup a bukkit server (instuctions on website)