UTC Induction Days

From turning your school into a cpu, to differentiated test driven JavaScript development exercises and self leveling binary addition quizes … EduMake is is working on many of Open Source educational solutions.


Self marking JavaScript exercises


Web based learning activities that actively adapt to the skill levels of the learner



Using SVG drawings to make light paintings using a large non-orthongal plotter.


An Alexa Skill for Wookiepeedia


An Alexa Skill for Wookiepeedia

explorer hat js

Library code for working with Pimoroni's brilliant Explorer Hats

inkscape scripts

Various scripts for enhancing InkScape, e.g. for 3D printing


Experiments about makeing localised data sculptures


Explore boolean logic and gates using Pimoroni Explorer Hat and boolean logic expressions input (Level 2 and 3)

MakeYourOwnGadget FVCS13

Design Files for Make Your Own Gadget sessions @ FVCS13


Using pimoroni motes to light paint bitmap images.

rpi ap

RPi config for using rpi as an access point which uses capture portal techniques to give mobiles a web ui to physical computing projects

rpi learning

Learning materials for Raspberry Pi

RPi WaterbearNodeJS

A nodejs server which serves Waterbear from the RaspberryPi and provides a way for nodejs scripts to be uploaded and run.