UTC Sheffield

” I cannot recommend Martyn Eggleton and the other talented facilitators and trainers of Edumake highly enough. I originally asked Martyn to develop a number of dynamic tech workshops for 15-18 year old young people interested in programming,coding and innovative approaches using Raspberry Pi/Arduino and Waterbear and to lead sessions on 3D printing in action.

I have been absolutely delighted with the professional and imaginative way Martyn and his colleagues have organised and run these workshops offering opportunities to over 200 young people in total.There was huge interest and excitement – the team were tapping into the interests of our young cohort and the young people were engaged, absorbed and blown away by the workshops.”

Brigidin Crowther
Assistant Principal
UTC Sheffield

” I found it an interesting experience and it widened my view of computers. It also showed me the fun sides of things such as programming. “

Zac Morley aged 14
UTC Sheffield Showcase @ Sheffield Hallam University.